Be a Volunteer

AWARD offers volunteer program for all the energetic and dedicated volunteers who want to work with the underprivileged communities and want to give their services for the betterment of communities through AWARD.
You can give your valuable services through

  1. 1- Becoming a Recourse person for a particular topic.
  2. 2- Fundraising for the various activities of AWARD
  3. 3-Helping in organizing seminars, workshops and trainings held at Head Office Faisalabad and Regional Offices Multan and Manshera.
  4. 4-Conducting surveys related to various social issues.
  5. 5-By marketing of the products made by the poor and skilled women.
  6. 6-By becoming a member of Local Development Committee of your area.
  7. 7-In case of Natural Disasters and Calamities, helping AWARD in Relief activities.
  8. 8-You can become a registered volunteer by sending your details and area of interest at

or Download attached  Doc and  PDF file and send it back to office.