Success Story 1

Success Story 1

Improving agriculture, improving lives

In 2016, AWARD Pakistan has initiated a business model for poor rural women of Punjab Province based on organic and commercial kitchen gardening to transform the low income women lives from poverty to prosperity. Women Vegetable Clubs (WVC) is an idea to club rural women for collective entrepreneurship through organic commercial kitchen gardening. As the project is highly sustainable therefore it will be initiated from 1 rural area and will move towards the next areas after the completion.


20 women (the deserving of all) were interviewed from the 5 rural areas of Faisalabad. A group consisting of 3 women was selected from the 20 interviewees and business development training was conducted with the women group to improve their knowledge on managing the business. The women were trained about types of lands, types of vegetable farming, the process of vegetable farming, Book keeping and Money handing.


Later, a loan of Pak Rs. 60,000/- was given to these women to get a piece of land on contractual basis to grow vegetables. The women will return this loan in the period of 18 - 24 months which will be given back to another deserving group making it sustainable. The vegetables will be sold in the nearest vegetable markets and also to the houses nearby providing them the income of up to 10,000 /-Pak Rs. per month each on the initial basis.


The project is highly sustainable and the new loans will be given to the deserving women groups in the month of January, 2017.
One of the beneficiaries Khadija Bibi, after selling her Vegetable (Radish) expressed her feelings " I am very grateful to the people who have helped me in achieving this and also AWARD Pakistan for making me feel proud of myself . I would love to continue this thing and increase my land and the yield in the coming years"