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Success Stories:

My name is Samina Bibi. I am a Single Mother (Separated).I am a resident of Chak. 125/RB Ladher (Jhumara Town) Faisalabad, I have a six

year old son and I am also looking after my old parents. Seven years back, I got divorced from my husband. I have one brother and a sister, who live separately and manage their own families. I do not have my own property or house and living with my parents. I completed my F. A (Intermediate) from Government College Sangla Hill but unfortunately could not find any suitable job to earn my livelihood. To meet the daily needs of the family I started working as a maid in other people homes. I used to work more than fourteen hours but only use to get a minimum wage i.e. (Rs. 3000 to 4000/-Pak Rupees per month) whereas I had to provide food and other necessities to four family members including myself.

I managed myself for 7 years in the same amount and as it was very low therefore it was really difficult to manage the expenditures which included food, medicine of parents and education of my son. Within the resources I somehow managed to learn the skill of beautician but I had no equipment to start my own beauty parlor. In 2016, AWARD started its project URAAN in my Village and I also gave my application for  this grant. The main problem was that I did not have Rs. 5000 /- to open my bank account, which was the basic requirement to get the grant.

In my village, I was the last beneficiary to open the account and got the grant very late. Secondly, I didn’t have any proper vacant space to start my business. I approached different people for charity or assistance but found no positive response from anyone. One day, I along with AWARD animator Miss Tahira Daniel visited Mrs. Khalida Mansoor (Member National Assembly). She donated Rs. 10000/- Pak. Rupees to build a single room.

After starting the parlor, I followed the instructions received from the three days training on Business Development by AWARD. I publicized my parlor in the village. Some of rich families requested me to provide the facility at their home because they were not allowed to go to the beauty parlor. I regularly visit their homes and charged some extra money for the home service. Now most of the well-off families are among my regular customers. I am very happy with my business. My dream of achieving my personal goals is fulfilled. Every month I earn Rs. 15000-20000/- Pak. Rupees and with every passing day the demand of my work is increasing. I am thankful to AWARD-PAKISTAN and especially ICCO COOPERAITON for providing me the grant which made me an independent and successful woman.